CUSTOMPAK is one of the largest suppliers of custom packaging supplies, catering for the custom needs of Australian businesses.

We take pride in being a flexible company with a quick turnaround, whilst offering high quality products as per your preferences.

We are based in Melbourne, with a manufacturing unit in China- making it certain that you deal directly with those who will customize and print your packaging supplies.

We work with various segments, right from the Food & Beverage Industry, to Makeup & Skincare, Supermarkets, and Catering and Event Companies. Our clientele includes major Hotels, Restaurant and Cafe chains, as we help them connect to their customers via personalized efforts.


We offer manufacturing of a diverse range, including but not limited to custom cups, food packaging, bags, boxes, napkins, and other small items like stickers, labels, and tapes.

As a responsible company, we ensure that the quality of our products is maintained to meet the Australian standards, and the fact that all our packaging is eco-friendly, it just makes us the right choice for your business.

The team at CUSTOMPAK is responsive to your needs, and works closely with you to bring your vision in a tangible form.
Getting your own personalised packaging is simple! Just get in touch with us and we will guide you at every step of the way.

How it works?

Design phase

We will take down your requirements, create a mockup design, and share it for any amendments and final approval

Printing phase

We will print your eco-friendly packaging as per the approved design

Final delivery

We will dispatch your order once it is all set as per your needs