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Expand Your Brand With Custom Plastic Cups

Operating in the takeaway industry has its benefits, including that your food containers have a much further reach than your shop might have. By using custom plastic cups for your takeaway drinks, ice cream or coffee, your brand travels with your client, reaching a wider audience and leaving your name top of mind when they see it on a desk, metro or in a friend’s home.


Types of Branded Plastic Cups We Offer at CustomPak

Different beverages require different cups, such as added protection against heat for hot drinks. We have a range of beverage cups available, ready and waiting to boast your logo:

  • Coffee cups. Regardless of whether you offer full cups or hand out samples of a new coffee – we have small medium and large, double-walled cups as well as small cups available for tasters.
  • Ice cream cups. Our ice cream cubes come in bright, happy colours, and we can do custom printing on them to include your branding and contact info so everyone will know where they can grab your delicious treats.
  • Clear cups. You make the most delicious frappe, shake, or affogato, and you want the beautiful swirls and layers to be visible to entice customers. Our personalised, transparent plastic cups will do just that, giving your logo a beautiful background while simultaneously advertising the actual product.


Other Packaging You Can Consider

Nothing goes better with a coffee than a muffin or doughnut for a snack. If you offer treats or food to go with your beverages or you run a food truck that relies on disposable branding, we have more in store for you:

  • Wrappers. Very often, your attention to detail impresses a customer, and if they love your food and another provider’s, it’s the little things that will have them coming back to you. Grease-proof paper wraps in different designs linking with your theme are the perfect finish to your food offering.
  • Food boxes. Ranging from plain burger boxes to more sophisticated cartons perfect for pastries or baked goods, your delicious treats will travel in style. We also have big catering boxes for larger orders or platters.
  • Labels and stickers. Add the finishing touch while sealing in the goodness with branded stickers or clear labels for water or glass bottles.


Why Our Goods Are What Your Brand Needs

We all know the power of personalised plastic cups, with one coffee franchise taking it a step further by writing customer names on the cups. Buy cups in bulk and make sure your name will be on everyone’s lips and that they have the perfect reference to go back to if they just can’t remember what shop they bought from.

Contact us to leave a lasting impact with disposable branding opportunities.


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