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Get Your Brand Across With Custom Clear Labels

No matter your industry, products, or who you sell to, having custom clear labels on your products means that your brand is always visible and top of mind when consumed. The best place for your brand is in the homes and businesses of your clients, where they are used and continuously create more brand awareness by speaking for themselves.


How Can Custom Clear Stickers Benefit Your Brand?

Depending on what you sell, the strategic placement of your label is vital because you want your brand to be as visible and apparent as possible. Here are a few tips about the placement of custom stickers on your products:

  • Positioning. We’ve all seen placement failures and how they impacted brand image. Be sure to place your custom branded stickers appropriately, for example, over the opening, so it also acts as a safety seal. Be careful to place your sticker over instructions or important information and take care when using images so the sticker doesn’t distort it.
  • Size. Once you’ve bought our lipstick or cream boxes, you’d be wise to ensure that you also print smaller personalised labels that perhaps contain less info than those you use for hampers or bigger cosmetic boxes.
  • Information. The less info and the cleaner the image on your stickers, the better. If your labels are cluttered with a ton of info, your brand will appear messy, and it will be too much for the customer to take it all in. Instead, distribute your information across the packaging and have your logo only on the sticker for a crisp, clear brand look and feel.

We can do custom sticker printing according to the quantities you require. We will need the logo text you want printed on the sticker as well as the measurements.

Other Products That Can Enhance Your Brand Even Further

Any takeaway container that leaves your shop is a walking advertiser for your brand. Make full use of it by stocking up on custom packaging that will cost you the minimum but will have maximum impact on your brand awareness strategy:

  • Custom tape. Delivering any food product or beverage in good condition and not squashed or damaged in any way can be a challenge. Make sure you package the goods safely and securely in a box, using your custom tape to seal the deal.
  • Small things. It really is the attention to detailthat may be the difference between a consumer choosing your brand over their old-time favourite. We can do custom-, dinner- or dispenser napkins as well. Combine this with a gift, a hand-written note or a fun mascot that appears on your invoices, and your attention to detail can surprise the customer so much that they switch to your brand.
  • Bags. Customising your bags with your logo and name as big as possible should be one of your first steps if you are rebranding. Perhaps the customer just bought the best croissants from you, so they know your brand and the deliciousness that awaits them. A passer-by might be in the mood for a decent café sandwich, and they happen to see your bag walking by, leading them straight to you. Never underestimate the impact of movement on advertising and how it can benefit your brand.
  • Boxes. It is always best to put considerable thought into your packaging during your brand strategy sessions. What packaging will display your product the best, what protection does it need, how big should the box be so the product doesn’t move around too much? These are all potential questions that will lead you to the best packaging for your food or beverage. We offer a grease-proof paper, so any oil is soaked up before it hits the outer bag and potentially stains car seats or clothing. We also offer foil bags for added freshness and paper carry bags that are more environmentally conscious and convey that message to all who lay eyes on it.


We’re not saying that you should cram your entire brand strategy into the packaging, but it should play a significant role in your brand awareness to help spread the message of your products via word of mouth.


Why Buy Your Custom Transparent Stickers From CustomPak?

To avoid clutter and make your brand the focal point on a box, we have many options we can discuss with you when you wish to acquire custom printed food packaging or custom label printing. All the products we offer make your company shine, and your products look their best so you can share your delicious burgers, cupcakes or coffee with more lucky customers who discover your brand.

Contact us to place your custom order or if you require more information about the number of stickers or the box sizes we stock.