Custom Coffee Cups

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Promote Your Business With Custom Coffee Cups

Purchasing consumables always present difficult decisions regarding trade-offs to maximise profits. Takeaway coffee creates many crunching calculations just for the cup, which may either negatively impact sales or positively promote the business. However, one point always remains true: buying custom coffee cups in bulk is good economy.


The Basics of Our Printed Coffee Cups

The decision to start using custom printed coffee cups for a business is effectively rather a decision on who to use to produce the personalised cups. The reason for this scenario isn't that branded cups just make so much sense, but that it rather becomes a question of return on investment and budget concerns. We offer the best solution at a perfect price point for three important reasons:

  • Our minimum order quantity is 10K units for plain coffee cups and 20K units for custom printed cups and presents the best initial saving for customers regarding the per-unit price. Increasing the size of the order for each cup size will further reduce the unit price and thereby increase the overall profit margin on a cup of coffee.
  • We have our own manufacturing unit in China. This factor allows us to further leverage a low per-unit price by combining our orders for printed cups with those from other multi-national wholesalers and food chains. It also guarantees a consistent delivery rate on all orders, which means our customers can securely re-order their cups based on projected sales.
  • Our coffee cups, takeaway boxes, and custom ice cream cups are made from responsibly sourced paper and treated with food-grade coatings. The ink used for custom printing conforms to Australian safety standards for food containers. Overall, the cups are eco-friendly and can confidently be disposed of or recycled without contaminating the environment.


Types of Branded Coffee Cups Available

We have four types of disposable paper coffee cups available for bulk ordering and delivery to your business premises. We can also store part of your order at our warehouse and dispatch it as you require more stock. The four types of cups present the dominant containers for hot beverages sold in Australia, but we are sure that we can accommodate any other designs on request.

  • Brown coffee cups. These cups are made from quality materials and are simply a uniform light brown, but they can have a monochrome design printed on the outside. They are single-walled and come in all the standard sizes with or without a lid. These cups are great for plain filter coffees or an incognito cappuccino with a dash of vanilla and are also favoured by small shops who write a personal message for each customer on the cup or when your house-brew is so good that it doesn't need advertising.
  • Printed coffee cups. These cups are functionally similar to the brown cups but offer our customers the opportunity to have any custom design printed in full colour on the outside. The possibilities are endless, but almost everyone sticks to the classic formula of putting the name and logo of their business on the cup. However, our design and manufacturing workflow allows for more theme or event-orientated designs on the cups. Again, the cups are available in the standard sizes and can be fitted with spill-proof lids.
  • Double-wall coffee cups. These cups are the premier range and a firm favourite for craft coffees – and soups. The double-wall design provides the necessary insulation that keeps the coffee hot for longer, which is always appreciated by engineers and tourists on winter mornings. Printing is in full colour, and the whole package creates the right impact to promote any business or product to discerning consumers. Supplied with or without a tight-fitting lid with special markers and sip slit.
  • Small coffee cups. These small, custom cups are great for espresso and also for the kiddies' coffee menu. They can also be used for other purposes in the restaurant, like dips or pips. It is a standard single-wall paper cup that can be printed on the outside in colour.


About CustomPak in Australia

We are the preferred supplier of custom printed packaging and food containers to many small, medium, and large businesses. We built our reputation on the quality of both the base product and the standard of printing achieved through advanced equipment. Many market traders and national franchises have reaped the advertising benefit of using personalised paper cups for their hot and cold beverages, promoting the business through one of the most powerful methods: food consumption.

We gear our bespoke design process towards complete customer satisfaction in the end-product. We go through several stages of consultation and design variations to arrive at the best possible printed outside of the coffee cup, never losing sight of our own customers' requirements and budgets for their own sustainability in business.

Contact us to discuss your unique requirements for custom printed carry bags, product boxes, serviettes, and coffee cups.