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We Supply Custom Printed Boxes

The world of business is now more competitive than ever, highlighting the need for yours to stand out. Every operation must employ effective marketing strategies to create brand awareness and instant recognition. When you think of the world's most popular brands, customers already know what their logos and fonts look like without seeing the company's name. That's the type of presence you need for your business. You can achieve that level of awareness through acquiring custom printed boxes. Whenever you send a package out, it should arrive at your customers' door in custom gift boxes. CustomPak is a reputable wholesaler that makes it affordable for you to purchase higher volumes with better costs.


Benefits of Investing in Custom Packaging Boxes

Custom boxes offer your business some form of exclusivity in the market and ensure your customers enjoy a specific experience. The physical aspects of the custom printed pizza boxes are crucial since it conveys a message to every customer of yours, consequently building a reputation for your brand. These are some of the benefits you enjoy with custom boxes.

  • Apart from fulfilling the safety requirements, your boxes serve as a billboard for your business. When the package is in front of the customer, they have something tangible to associate your business to which they remember in the future. If you picture yourself as the customer for a second, would you be happy with a plain, brown paper bag or box? Probably not. The customer is likely to enjoy packaging that tells a story about your brand and creating a lasting first impression goes a long way to assist customer retention.
  • Custom packaging enables you to design something that fits your product perfectly. You can dictate the size, material, and weight which offers your customers a unique experience. Ensuring your products can fit in the box snuggly eliminates the need for extra packaging materials, and you won't have to worry about the product shifting during transit.
  • A creative box can make your customer feel as if they've purchased a unique product. One of the key points to retaining customers is to excite them, and customising packaging is one way of achieving this. A typical example is the packaging that usually accompanies the purchase of the latest iPhone. It's always interesting and has a specific identity in the technology industry. When you opt for custom printed gift boxes, that's the result you want to aim for.
  • When you consider the costs of traditional advertising, creative packaging is a cost-effective solution for your branding strategy. It allows you to reach your target audience directly and with a fraction of the costs of other forms of marketing. Custom packaging delivers a decent return on investment instead of opting for plain packaging.


Tips Regarding Branded Boxes

After deciding to take your business to the next level of marketing, it's up to you to direct the designing of your packaging. The designs will largely depend on the type of products you sell, but it's key to strike the ideal balance between aesthetics and practicality.

  • Evaluate your packaging needs to determine your main priorities. You should consider the size of the packaging and weight, which will contribute to how it reacts during transportation. Identify what type of packaging you require for specific products and, finally, what brand values you want to communicate to your customers.
  • Bear in mind that there is a visual element to custom packaging. Most businesses make their logo the centre of attraction on the box as it supports brand recognition. However, you can push the envelope and design something more creative that will stand out in the recipient's mind. We suggest you aim for a simplistic design because a creative one doesn't necessarily translate to a busy appearance. Try variations of your existing brand design to keep things fresh and unique instead of using the same elements for the sake of consistency.
  • Your custom hamper boxes provide the perfect opportunity for you to link back to your business. Customers spend the most time with your packaging after it arrives. While they're opening the box, it's the best time to catch their attention and market your business in some form. Some brands opt to place their logo and social media handles on the packaging along with some hashtags, which encourage customers to snap a picture and post it on their social media pages. As a result, your brand gains popularity and recognition.


About CustomPak

We're a reputable operation based in Melbourne but offering our services to businesses across Australia. We're here to support you and bring your vision into reality which is why you'll have access to our talented team. We have a wide selection of products from which you can select, and when you're ready, we'll get to the design phase, then start printing when you're happy and deliver your final packaging.

You can expect high-quality, environmentally friendly packaging from us and a quick turnaround to produce your custom boxes. Contact us to start the process of taking your business to the next level and ask us about our cost-effective wholesale options.